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The Queen's Festival
-Held the day before the coronation of the new queen and her king consort
--Princess Samara and her husband, Kaze, are being crowned Queen and King

-Festival has a special significance this year
--Great War occurred exactly one year ago
--The final battle was fought where the location of the festival is, the Sanctus Castellum, a citadel in ruins from that battle
--One tower remains intact.
---The Sword of Light, the source of protection for Alenia and it's allies from their enemies, and the symbol of Alenia's victory in the war, is on a pedestal on the balcony of the tower

-Samara and Kaze enter the citadel.
--Samara solemnly looks up at the Sword of Light as she enters.
---She was the one to place it there.
---She and Kaze are considered war heroes for their acts of bravery in the Great War

-A group of citizens begin to dance to music being played by a band of minstrels, and Samara and Kaze join in.

The Forest
-Samara and Kaze sneak away from the festival and wander off into the nearby forest

-Samara leads Kaze to a tree with hundreds of glowing flowers, each one a different color
--The tree is called the Tree of Monarchs
---Each flower represents a past queen, and the color represents how their reign was (red = bloodshed, white = peace, etc.)
---Tree was planted by the first queen of Alenia, Queen Celestia, the day before her coronation

-Samara points at a flower that is still a bud.
--That's her flower, which won't fully bloom until she has become queen

-Samara begins to climb the tree, and Kaze follows

-They reach the top of the tree, where there is a dazzling view of all of Alenia
--Samara tells Kaze "This is our land, now."

-Samara notices a man putting a tap into the tree and withdrawing sap from it into a small potion bottle.

-Samara stops him.

-He apologizes and introduces himself as Mudd, a traveler of worlds.

-He asks Samara and Kaze for their help, and explains what happened with the Book.

-Samara and Kaze hesitate, but then agree to help him.

-Mudd gives Samara the bottle of sap, and tells her that the sap has healing properties, and can give them strength when they are weak

-Mudd opens up a path to the Book, and Samara and Kaze enter it.
My audition for :icontbos-oct:. This is an outline for the time being, but I'm almost done with the actual written audition, so I will update this as soon as I am finished. :D

Reference: [link]
chefhalfnote Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Student General Artist
You've got me hooked with the outline, now how long until the actual writing is finished?
samiikinns Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Probably by the end of the week, it's just about done. I'm glad you like it so far! :D
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